Patriotic Hackers

Each frame of picture in this album may strike your heart, your mind and your conscience. The righteous resistance of a grieved people and the struggle they have waged for their most fundamental rights, the seream of torture and massacre. my invoke a sense of responsibility in you. and it may even implicate you. This small cross section of documented genocide in KURDISTAN by the 80 year old Turkish state may make you think "what else was endured" Unobtainable names, unfixable dates and unutterable forms of savagery may make you reflect. you may question with the hekp of this little album of human drama. as to wy the Kurds with a population drawing near 40 million have remained without a homeland. without language and without freedom. This is not a propaganda album, How could there be a propoganda for death, pain, suffering along the routes of forced migratio, and torture?